Abstract (Arken)

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Abstracts, in Arken, are inhuman (though usually human-shaped) personifications of things. Feelings, abstract ideas, and so forth. They aren't really referred to as "abstracts", I just needed an OOC collective name.

Probably the most important or best known abstracts are the various Deaths: Deaths of Youth and Old Age, Disease, Violence, Faceless and Shameful Death (Suicide).

Many abstracts are a result of shameless (mis)quoting and nodding towards poets and bands.

Sorrow has a human heart,
Jealousy the human face,
Terror the human form divine
And Secret the human dress.

Guilt and Regret, two in-bred brothers of Hate - and their little sister Hope.

Eternity, older than Time, a transparent lady. Memory the old storyteller with contempt for books.

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