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Annelore, despite her meekly expressed preference to be called Lady Annelore, ends up called Annie by most people. A normal name for a normal person. A human female in her late twenties, Annie doesnt't look much out of the ordinary. Normal build tending slightly to the slimmer side, light brown hair just past her shoulders and warm brown eyes, and a face neither pretty nor ugly enough to really strike out from a crowd.

Annie is a traveler by trade, or possibly a scribe, depending on who asks and where. She has spent half of her lifetime on the road already and so far shows no signs of settling down. Some in the southern parts may call her "Taut Annie" and attempt to reminisce with her about adventures, but she will hear none of it. If asked about such "adventures", she will simply pronounce all adventurers either fools or possessing a death wish - or possibly both. Just where or with whom she has spent most of her twenties is not a topic of idle conversation, even less so for those who would claim to know and share some stories of those years.

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