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Iseea Setuvnicebunz is also refered to as simply Ze Countessa. Her name has been known to strike fear into the hearts of all who know her. She is written by Sarina.

Physical characteristics

She is tall and willowy, always dresses in skin tight leather, preferably red or black. Her prefered footware is 6 inch stiletto boots, in a variety of fashion color. She carries a riding crop for disciplining naughty boys and various other instruments of pleasure and pain. Iseea's accent, though poorly written by her author, hints of an old-world-eastern-european-meets-hollywood heritage. Think Ava Gabor from that 1960's cult classic "Green Acres" and you've got it.

Background and history

Iseea dates to the days of the old SciFi Vine. She was originally supposed to be a one episode character but apparently, all the world loves a bad girl, and her contract was renewed for the duration.

When we first met this lovely lady she was living in Las Vegas, running a "home" for wayward boys. Always a patron of the arts, Iseea prided herself in the daily variety shows the boys put on. After which each day, the patrons could participate in the closed-door sessions of "meet the boys", an uh, up close and personal one on one encounter with the stars of the show. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money was tearfully refunded. But, as Iseea made sure that the boys were always "up" for any challenge, few refunds were requested. Iseea was extraordinarily successful in this venture, but alas, all good things must come to an end, and so it did with the Home for Wayward Boys when a bunch of elves and such opened up a portal and pushed her through. Fortunately for Iseea, the lady is never without her whip or implements.

Famous quote

"Reh-lay dah-ling, you've been a naughty, naughty boy."

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