Daniel Midden

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Daniel Joshua Midden, 23 years old, somewhere out there in the US of A. Candy's faerie character, usually in both meanings of the word. He's either a cowardly asshole or the poor victim of his circumstances, depending on your point of view.

To date, there have been at least four or five versions of Daniel. The common characteristics that all his incarnations share are homosexuality, and his looks and personality save for small changes. What exactly he is, in what world and what life situation, varies. So far all versions have also been fantasy in some way, usually involving Changeling- type faeries, but one incarnation was a human clairvoyant of corts.

The original Daniel was a Changeling: the Dreaming character for Transicíon chronicle, forming a motley with his SO, the chinchilla pooka Savory, and their bad-mouthed nocker friend Sonntag (Sunday). This "original Daniel" was somewhat different in personality as well: nice, social but quiet, and with a completely cowardly Unseelie side. Daniel's ultimate solution, when things got too difficult, was to run away. He did this rather spectacularly, first running away from home across the States, then to the middle of Atlantis to Transicíon, and finally all the way to Europe. His story in the chronicle ended when he, for both the right reasons and cowardly excuses, up and left his motley and moved to France.

The second incarnation of Daniel came about when I wanted to take him out of the WoD, yet keep him mostly the same. He shall (eventually!) star in my yet-unnamed story, the purpose of which is mostly to introduce the new Daniel, anyway. He's fae, but in this world, "fae" are the children of mortals and immortals - the true Fair Folk. With permission I retained Savory and Sunday in his history, but all the rest is revamped. He was born in the States, spent a brief time in Transicíon and in Europe, but now lives again in an unspecified part of the States. His personality... well, the original Daniel was more just sweet and pitiable. The new incarnation can be, if unintentionally, completely insensitive cowardly asshole, who loves victimizing himself.

The third incarnation of Daniel was a few steps farther removed from the WoD, no other major changes. That version of the story scrapped most of the planned background characters.

The fourth version saw Daniel be a faerie in only one way, and instead he was a faintly clairvoyant mortal with sister issues.

The fifth incarnation of Danny should star in a co-op short shortly. Going back to making Danny a gay fairy in human disguise, but with less emphasis on the fairy society, if indeed one even exists.

General description that is true of nearly all incarnations.

Name: Daniel Joshua Midden Family: parents (estranged), younger sister Height: 5'7 Build: fairly slim, with some muscle but not very sporty/trained Hair: auburn, either down to chin level or shorter Eyes: brown/golden (varies), some Daniels wore glasses Common clothing/accessories: A brown suede jacket. Generally wears sneakers and casual clothing, jeans, t-shirts, loose shirts, sometimes jumpers.

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