Diabetes Suomitus

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This article describes an injoke; probably shouldn't take it too seriously...

An odd affliction, diabetes suomitus - or cuteness, kyootness or kjootness diabetes - is a defect in the body's handling of kjootitude.

An excess of cute or adorable things (which can be any brand of cute, not just kjoot) in the vicinity causes the sufferer to enter anafinnactic shock and die. Luckily, in the Pro-verse this is usually quickly followed by bounce-resurrection. As the definnition of cute varies from individual to individual, so the severity of the disorder is not constant.

An asynchronous or cyclical variant is thought to affect the Muttsibs and may claim other victims.

Diabetes suomitus may be treated with finnsulin, which insulates the sufferer from some of the cuteness while zie recovers.

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Online screening sites like [this one] make it possible to screen yourself for diabetes suomitus. Browse with caution, especially if you have a history of cuteness diabetes in your family. It may help to keep a few HR Giger pictures nearby while you browse.

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