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This article may contain spoilers for the Kit-Fox storyboard. Read at own risk.

Evrard is assumed to be a male human.

He has given little information about his looks. Thin, pale and simply dressed in dark colours, he stands out from the other bandits because he keeps himself and his clothes clean.

Evrard is the bandits' medic. His interests lie more with study of anatomy than with healing people, but he is not utterly useless. Therefore, and for a reputation of knowing exactly where to stick a knife to make the victim wish he'd just stabbed them dead, he is not bothered unduly by the others.

Xan and Evrard had been working together before being zapped to the dreaded island. He has an incomplete wizard apprenticeship under his belt, and retains some knowledge about and proficiency with magic, the latter mostly in the field of finding and analysing.

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