Fairy (Shade)

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Fairies are insectile animals - green in colour, wingspan about ten centimetres, weighing about twenty grams - whose bodies bear some resemblance to our native sapient races and who were consequently believed for quite some time to be intelligent and rational.
--Suitov, translating into Earth measurements[1]

Shade's fairies are small, green, winged, vaguely humanoid creatures found in temperate regions across Shade. They have no more intelligence than large insects. Some people believe them to have rudimentary magic.

Little is known about their living arrangements (except that no fairy 'nests', hives or mounds have ever been discovered) or mating habits. Fairies have a semi-sophisticated system of communication, comparable in some ways to that of bees.


Phrases like a gift from the fairies originate during the times when fairies are believed to be intelligent creatures with sophisticated magic and an interest in people's affairs.

Fairy gifts are said to be given at birth or before it, not to especially deserving children, but to those who will grow up to be amusing.

Musical aptitude, glamour and rhythm are some of the things the fairies are thought to be able to grant.

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