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Fenris, occasionally known by his full name Fenris Balderssen (his sire was called Balder, his mother Jya), is a Harlequin Great Dane dog, white with grey patches. He is Mutt's character.


Adult Harly Danes look like [this], but Fenris has [uncropped ears] and his patches are grey.

Great Danes are [big], [big], [big], [bloody big] dogs.


Fenris is a very intelligent dog but cannot speak or communicate in any other way beyond the normal ways a dog expresses itself.

He has limited conscious defence against telepathy and can leave a psionic attacker thinking of rabbits for several hours.


Fenris is a stately, dignified and [patient] dog who likes everyone.


Just a reference to [Norse myth]. Fen's author sometimes forgets that this isn't obvious to everyone.

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