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Heroism is a mental illness recognised by several Muttiverse worlds, including Weft's.


The subject believes that rules do not apply to hir. Prone to overblown actions, speech, gestures. Intolerance for foreigners, other sentient species. 'My way or the highway' attitude. Will not be contradicted. Usually greatly attracted to concepts such as honour, fairness and noble sacrifice, though may have little idea as to what these actually mean.

Other people and events tend to be mapped onto a 'story' in the subject's head, taking on the rôle of villain, rescued damsel, etc.

Tend to talk animatedly about perceived dangers, invasions etc that only the subject sees or can prevent. It is a common theme that the subject believes hirself to possess unique powers or abilities, or that sie is soon to fulfil a prophecy or destiny ('Higher Purpose' justification).


The subject quite often possesses great charisma and powers of persuasion, and will often actually succeed in recruiting other people to hir 'quest'.


The condition is sometimes linked to bereavement early in life, or overexposure to adventure stories with insufficient care taken that the child understands the difference between fantasy and reality.

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