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Poor Hirax (title character of Elven King) keeps getting slashed with other male characters, even though he insists that he loves him some women and that his brother Tjanz? is the resident flamer. He can't quite figure it out, but his author figures his long, flowing hair has something to do with it...

Among Hirax's people are a random assortment attuned with aspects of nature. These typically manifest subtly in the person: a singer with a voice powerful as the wind, for example. Most of these are looked down on by the rest of society, since they're weird. A few with powerful aspects are lauded even as they are considered freakish.

Hirax, crown prince of Riverside, is attuned to grass. His hair colour changes to match the majority of the grass of his homeland, regardless of the weather wherever he happens to be. As you might imagine, most of his public appearances take place in winter months, while his hair is a respectable dirty blondish tone. He spends summer wandering in the guise of a lowlife bum. He's not very good at it -- he's too much his mother's child.

He is not grass himself, nor is his hair. However, after getting a haircut, he does smell like a freshly-mown lawn, and certain animals have been known to munch on his scalp when he's not paying attention. (Horses love him.)

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