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Jason is a young human written by Dev.

He was orphaned and grew up in a monastery (not taking any vows, though), where he tended the garden and regularly broke into the library to read. According to Shii, meeting her was the last straw that pushed him to leave. He is quite obviously in love with her, and jealous of any possible 'rival'. From what has been shown in the Molto Vivace storyboard, she seems to be not interested and treat him like a hired help, but she has admitted to Sebastian that she's "been leading him on a bit".


Quoted from Molto Vivace posts:

Jason had brown eyes. His hair wasn't quite dark enough to reach the status of black, but compensated for it with a healthy sheen coupled with slightly wavy locks. He was generally popular with local girls.

Age-wise he seemed to be to be in his early twenties or so. He had been clean-shaven a couple of hours ago, but his jaw was already shaded with faint stubble.

Finally getting his bearings, Jason seemed to straighten up fully for the first time. When before he hadn't seemed like a particularily tall person, he now reached over six feet in height. Amazing what a little self-confidence and posture change could do. His brawniness was sufficient to avoid looking lanky and his shoulders were wide enough to fool someone in a distance into thinking him a shorter man, if there wasn't anything familiar to compare him to.

His style of speaking suggested some educational background, even if he had an annoying habit of emphasizing too much.

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