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Kirannanth Acalatéri, or Kiran for short, is the elven father of Kiathar? and Iril, written by Candy. He's a charming, glib-tongued ladiesman and wanderer - and, coincidentally, also an untrustworthy, irresponsible rapscallion.

His motto could be "Seize the day, care not for the past." All that matters is the road ahead - and the pleasure of this moment. On the whole, Kiran holds the attitude that everything's all right if, when he kicks the bucket, all his actions "even out." In other words, he does wrong and corrects it a decade later by doing the right thing. It figures, eh? (This attitude is also what made Kiathar the person she now is...)

Kiran has a theme song: "Wayfarer" by Nightwish.

Wayfarer, heartlander
What if I only had
One more night to live?
Home is where the heart is
My road goes on forever
One more voyage to go!

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