Kristal Frondweed

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Kristal Frondweed is an elf. He probably thinks he is a High Elf, but he is actually just an elf. Kristal Frondweed is not his original name, but he changed it himself because 'Jack Stillard' didn't seem mystical enough to his sharply pointed ears. His author is Slen.


Few of any use. Being elvish, he has a natural tendency to the common elvish abilities and magical traits, but all this really means is that he's unusually green-fingered, and is quite nimble and light on his feet. However, he couldn't use a longbow to save his life. He isn't much of a fighter, having next to no proficiency with any weapons, but has a reasonable amount of strength.


At 5'8", Kristal is slightly below average height for his species, with sandy blonde hair cropped at about 4" length - just long enough to get in his eyes. He has no facial hair, and has a somewhat effeminate face.

Not being especially rich, he tends to wear normal woolen clothing, though he likes to wear combinations of green and brown, being quite proud of his heritage.


Though he is quite young, Kristal thinks it was better in "Ye goode olde dayseth", and seems intent on talking as though he were living a couple of centuries earlier than he really is.

He is a charming person, very charismatic, though you really shouldn't mention that he has a girl's name. It's a bit of a raw nerve, that nobody thought to tell him before he changed his name.

He is acutely aware that the elves' relationship with the dwarves used to be... well, less than amicable. In fact, he is much more acutely aware of this than just about anyone else, and hence is determined to show any dwarves he meets how thoroughly cosmopolitan he is, by being much nicer to them than to anyone else.

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