Lil' Jessie

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Lil' Jessie was my most wonderful, most twisted, most loved, most hated and, generally, best character ever. She was a Wraith, as per Wraith: the Oblivion. It all happened in the so-called Transicíon chronicle. Jessie started out as a mere mortal, but after she died, a certain someone who had just bought Wraith suggested I make her into one. And that's where the scary stuff began.

The perhaps most twisted thing related to this character was the abusive relationship between Lil' Jessie and Lion, a tall and gaunt vampire-turned-ghost. Contrary to what most people believe, the 6 ft tall Frenchman wasn't the abusive one in the twisted father-daughter relationship... though, had you asked Jessie, it was Lion who was the evil abuser. It was always the men in her life: they all did the same. They came, they said they cared, then they hurt her and left her bleeding. One of them, a certain Orphan mage, went as far as to destroy Miss Bunny. (Of course, the fact that Jessie had murdered his mentor and attempted to murder him as well, could've tipped the scales a bit...)

Lil' Jessie's most beloved possession (and a five-point Fetter), Miss Bunny, was a dirty, greyish-brown stuffed bunny with only one eye that ended in shreds in the Atlantic. Such is the fate of loved childhood toys. Especially those that talk back when addressed.

These days, Lil' Jessie is most likely a coin in Stygia. She went out with a bang, not a whimper - causing a gas leak and an explosion that took out her former home and all her remaining Fetters - including her stepfather.

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