Lucy Wilkins

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Lucy Wilkins is a Wraith character of Candy's. A Pardoner/Chanteur with a moaning violin, cat-caught tongue and a Shadow called Lucifer/Illucian. A grand total of 5'4'' tall and not in possession of an even remotely lithe-type body. Only a little crazy.

To add more detail - which is still way too little, and I won't tell too much of her anyway, since it would take a lot of fun out of playing her with Snog and Dev. Lucy will be a character in the Transicion WoD-chronicle, once she is approved by our wonderful ST Connie.

Lucy Agnetha Wilkins was born in 1974 in Transicion. She died in a car accident in the very same city on Christmas Eve, 2001, but didn't quite make it to any paradise. She never thought she would; salvation, she had realized, was not an easy thing to come by. Even after a dozen religions, none had been granted to her. So Lucy stayed behind, stuck in the Shadowlands, offering some form of redemption to other restless while herself she has none.

Lucy was a violinist in life, and is still in possession of said instrument: a soulforged, moaning and screeching one. There is nothing quite as creepy as hearing her Shadow play it in the middle of the night, each string wailing with the voice of the wraiths they were before...

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