Mai Yamato

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"Vermin? Are you calling me a small fur-covered thief of food? I am NOT! I would never take food that wasn't outright offered to me, I mean, really!"

Mai Yamato looks like a Japanese-American girl, a feline "furry", or a half-grown calico cat. She's really a pooka from the World Of Darkness. One day she wandered into the near edges of the Dreaming and got lost, eventually finding herself in the worlds of Profusion. Her author associates her with a lilac hue for unknowable reasons.


Asian female, age 10. Black hair, amber eyes. Last seen wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, green skirt and black Mary Janes. Blood type B-positive.


While Mai loves being fae, her weakness for untruth tends to get her into trouble with people who just don't understand that she's not trying to be mean. She enjoys a good chance to let loose with a rioting tall tale. She tends to remain quiet (or in feline form) around unknown people or those she fears might get irritated with her. At ten, she's a bit young to really understand how mundane beings operate.


Mai can and often does assume the form of a six-month-old calico kitten. Her kitten form has eyes the same shade of amber as her human form, though both have the iris shape normal to it (i.e, her human self doesn't have cat-slitted pupils). She's a compulsive liar, so she tends to use her non-speaking shape to avoid alienating people just by being herself.

She's amazing with computers, though that has never ever come up. She has some basic sleight-of-hand and minor fae magic too, but that comes up even less than the computer use.

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