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Poltergeist is Ree's superheroine in the Marvel Universe roleplaying game. She has no connection to any canon characters named Poltergeist or Geist.

Poltergeist took her name for her two mutant abilities. She can imbue objects with energy, leading to a delayed explosion (creating noise), and she can walk through walls and on air (like a ghost) -- "poltergeist" translates to "noisy ghost," so she felt it fit her. These abilities parallel those of the X-Men Gambit and Shadowcat, respectively, but 'Geist is very much her own character.

In civilian life, Poltergeist is Constance Kinsey (call her Connie, though; she despises the name "Constance"). She spends almost no time in plain civilian persona, preferring to divide her time between her other two identities: those of Poltergeist and the professional magician Zelenka. As Zelenka, she uses her abilities to easily perform various tricks and sleight of hand, with a specialty in escapes. Her stage name is connected to her civilian name, but her superhero identity is secret, mostly to escape persecution at the massive metal hands of Sentinels.

'Geist is charismatic and flamboyant at times, but this only disguises her true shy nature. She has an especial fondness for walking through Sentinels and powered armor worn by villains, an act which shorts out the wiring -- and has led to the death of one homicidal woman whose armor sustained her life. Poltergeist feels deep guilt over this and currently crusades to find the woman's indentity, family, and body -- the latter suspiciously vanished from the morgue....

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