Pro 2.0 Planning

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The below can be disregarded. Current plans include using basic forum software, importing the old forum posts (at least the stories and relevant pieces, probably disregarding all the non-story content, though this will be kept for archival purposes), and working from there based on usage.

It will not be called Pro 2.0, or if it is you may all lynch the webmaster. ;)

This wiki page is for ideas for the new-look site. At this stage we can be as ambitious and pipe-dreamy as we like.

Please add! No section is closed. Nothing is stupid, even if it's pretty stupid. What would the Best Co-Writing Site Ever look like? Feel like? Be like to use?

Basic aims





the CMS (content management system) currently in consideration. Plus points: open-source, developer community, add-ons for everything. Minus points: forum software not great out of the box.

the title should be AWESOMR (beta). --Bz

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