Pro By Night

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This article describes the premise and plot of a storyboard. It may contain spoilers. If the storyboard is ongoing, this article may be subject to change.

Pro by Night, aka Proelium by Night or PBN, was a storyboard about vampires.

PBN was set in Eastern Europe of an Earthlike planet in the 16th century. It featured the character of Silver along with several other vampires, a nun called Sister Chastity and assorted cultists and vampire hunters.

Writers on this story included Herm (writing Silver), Ree (with Pasht), Cerhn, Sweetfires, Ceria and other former members including Myklor.

PBN was never finished, though a rough ending was plotted.

The story

A group of vampires was living in a castle. They were generally good people as vampires go, and in particular were non-lethal feeders: they didn't consume enough blood to kill their victims.

However, people were turning up dead and drained of all their blood, so naturally the vampires were blamed.

Things came to a head when the local baron's daughter went missing.

It turned out that the exsanguination-happy culprits were actually cult members, who were the 16th century equivalent of obsessed stalker vampire-fanboys, and thought that drinking enough blood with the right rituals would make the vampires accept them as their own. Or something.

After this point the story was not finished. The following is a mixture of what was planned at the time and the details Herm has since added to clarify Silver's backstory.

The vampires dealt with this cult in a satisfyingly violent manner, but the locals were still not impressed. The group was not welcome in those parts again, and the main part of it left together for a new happy hunting ground. (Silver slivered off from the group sometime later.)

As a footnote, it's likely that more vampires moved into the area now it had an ideal vacant don't-go-near-the-castle and no local predators. This goes to show that you can't win if you're edible.

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