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Serpentine could be Greek. This is mostly because of his life, which could be described as "depressing" or "tragic". Mostly, he's just a rough, heavy-handed, miserly drunk with an aggressive personality and (luckily) a sense of honour to off-set the aggression.

By studying his past like a plot summary would, however, reveal that there's more to the Greek reference than just the tragicomedy part.

S. is born into a species of fanatical orc-hating winged critters, raised to be a heavy-handed brute with a penchant for berserking, falls in love and runs away with a woman of superior intellect, has kid with her and loses both in a fire.

Oh, did we mention the part where he lost his wings?

After this S. wanders around aimlessly, gets into a mess or two, ends up somehow (hey, I don't know! -- Snog) getting his wings back, goes home to beat up people now that he has his wings and self-esteem back, beats up his own brother in a duel to the death and becomes the head of his clan...

...after which S. runs out of things to beat up and starts rebelling against the religious authorities that keep bugging him about his newly-grown wings.

Did we say Greek? We meant power metal.


a short scarred man built like a brickwall with big, blue, feathered wings, sharp teeth, pointed ears (one of which, presumably the right one, is missing the tip), nearly black eyes and dark hair


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