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Ĉmbir or more commonly known as Amber, is a strongly caffienated drink favoured by individuals in Caedis's world. It is consumed in a similar way that alcohol is consumed in many worlds. A combination of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and fruit extract, along with many otherworldly ingredients, it tastes strongly sweet and sour. The taste most closely resembles a combination of pinapple and lemon, amplified fivefold. Just a small amount of the tonic created by mixing these strange ingredients clears the head and amplifies all of the consumer's senses by a phenomenal amount. However, the commercial varient is much weaker than the true formula, and while possesing a similar taste, only provides minimal benefits.

Hard to come by, commercial Amber is rarely in stock with many suppliers, and as such is not nearly as popular as the more widely known Djew.

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