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Fauna Of Shade

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Fauna of Shade is an incomplete list of animals from Shade. For reasons of space, these notes will mainly list the differences from generic animals.

For convenience, Shade's five sapient species are listed on a separate page. This is not to imply that they are deficient or otherwise unworthy of being considered animals.


Resemble generic bears. Domesticated in some regions for meat. Traditionally seen as wise in some areas.


Many species, a few domesticated as pets or for hunting. Resemble generic birds except in some features of reproduction. Include, for example, small birds (mainly seed-, fruit- and insect-eaters), owls, carnivorous hunting birds and corvids.

One bird found on the Terrimoire continent and notable for its place in popular mythology is the red magpie or suicide bird, which supposedly kills itself. [1] [2] (Normal Terrimoirine magpies are the same as an Earth-analogue European magpie, Pica pica. The red versions are taken to be an unusual colour variant for the species.)


One elusive small wildcat species in Terrimoire. Two or three larger wild (medium or big) cats elsewhere. Fossil record shows one or two extinct elsewhere. None domesticated.


Mostly herbivorous mammal resembling small dark red raccoon or bear with white markings. Independently domesticated in several regions. Possesses opposable 'thumb' developed from modified wristbone. Long, fluffy, striped red tail. Notable breeding colony kept in Montuone parliamentary building.


Generic domestic dogs and many wild species (inc wolf and fox, see their entries). Other notable wild types are the Singing Dogs of Terrimoire.


Look, how many times? They don't exist!


Elusive carnivorous or omnivorous mammal of northern Terrimoire.


Fairy (Shade)


Fox (Shade)


Two species: one megafaunus resembling a large Percheron (scaled to suit rocca), confined to Dor Roc; the other 'horse' used in the rest of the world being a lighter, horned animal (something like a cross between IRL horse and mountain goat), which have trouble carrying a large, armoured faleigh.


Family of large sea predators resembling pliosaurs (not plesiosaurs). [3] Shade's top marine predators. (The planet lacks large marine mannals such as cetaceans.)


Equatorial reptile.


Temperate (or worldwide) rodentlike species.


Wolf (Shade)

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