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Foxverse is the authorial name for the world Sebastian (probably) originates from. You can thank Anke for the name.

There will probably never be any definitive guide to the world, mostly due to the fact that there are more people writing in the world than just Snog. And even then it's not clear if they really are writing within any sort of common world frame. That means a few things:

Foxverse is subject to change and open to keep any possible conflicts of vision or inspiration away.


Some locations that have been mentioned:


Some known denizens, or at least visitors (as nobody is saying all of these people are from this world/whatever):

Offworld visitors

Dm Mendel has visited this place on a sabbatical because its profusion of half-elves (and other half-things). Demons refer to the world by the name "Occasionally a decision obliged to be made in a hurry is not the decision it at first appears to be".

Weft would probably like to visit. Sebastian's responses to the monk's tentative questions about his home have so far not been informative enough to persuade Weft he'd be welcome/allowed there. He would almost certainly enjoy being dragged there, however.

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