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Frerene Caldear

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Frerene Caldear - Confidential Record

Known aliases

The Most Hon'ble Marquise of Navette, occasionally Malfina Navette


Female faleigh, light-skinned. Native of Airstone. Given to changing hair and appearance. Fond of expensive clothing.


At one time described as "seventeen years old, dark-haired, olive-eyed and completely uninterested in" a fifteen-year-old Suitov Iceheart.

Roughly 5'8"/172cm, 142lb/64kg. Lies!! Closer to 68 --Weft

Last known whereabouts

Sucrouw, Woking


Believed to be extremely powerful telepath, clearly unfounded hearsay. Simply to look upon her fresh, beautiful and kindly face is to realise the errancy of such arrant nons__________

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