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Kim The Extradimensional Spacetraveler

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(First some trivia: I used to name all my characters Kim they were different versions of the same character in different universes. Nowadays, I've just renamed all but the first original Kim, but THOH's extradimensional space demands one copy.)

1. Summary

Kim the extradimensional spacetraveler (from now on referred to as Kim) is an alternate version of the real Kim (from now on referred to as KG) in The Heritage of Humankind. They share the same background up until the age of about 14. However, while Kim wasn't saved and sent home from extradimensional space (EDS), KG was specifically by Kim.

There are also several, evidently infinite amount of Kims running around EDS. The reason is that the Kims come from IDSs, which are similar to each other, so most often it is a Kim that takes on the job. In favor of simplicity, only one extradimensional spacetraveler Kim and eir "counterpart" in THOH will be handled.

Upon arriving to EDS, Kim lost eir left arm, like most Kims do. In EDS, it is entirely possible to regrow it, but since technology can achieve some things that normal flesh can't, Kim has a cybernetic left arm "nowadays".

Kim's main job is to find and help all the versions of emself that make it to EDS. Ey belongs to a special organization (cleverly named Extradimensional Space-Rangers, EDSR) whose purpose is to minimize the damage to the real universes and return lost interdimensional entities to their respective universes.

2. Details

2.1. Appearance

Kim is a fairly slim, average-height and intersexed Amerindian. Ey has fairly sharp facial features and black, 1030 cm long hair that tends to stand up. Eir eyes are blue-green, which is not rare, but what is rare is that eir eyeballs are black it is assumed to be a pigment disorder. Kim looks like what most people might call androgynous (or more accurately sexless) due to not having secondary sexual characteristics: ey has no breasts, beard, large muscles, soft body or skin, wide (or noticeably narrow) hips. Even eir voice is fairly ambiguous, but is generally thought to be more like that of a woman. Kim looks relatively ageless it happens in EDS since time is a fairly strange concept there and also because EDS-rangers carry equipment that effectively makes them immune to aging. Therefore, Kim looks to be somewhere between 25 and 45 years old. Kim's left arm is cybernetic. It usually looks, functions and even feels like a normal arm, but closer inspection often reveals its cybernetic features.

2.2. Personality

As a child Kim was inventive, curious and fairly smart-assed, mostly due to eir telepathy. Ey was also somewhat aggressive, but generally controlled that part of eir personality and merely seemed very pissed off at time. Ey was a balance to eir silent and passive twin, Kovetri. Along with adolescence came hormones which messed up Kim's psyche though not eir body. Ey became more aggressive and very short-tempered. Some "treatment" fixed the problems with hormones, however.

Soon after Kim had gotten on the way with adolescence, ey ended up in EDS, where ey was separated from eir family and the known world. Ey lost eir left arm immediately in an accident and was stranded for a year. However, ey survived and came to realize that ey needed very little the one thing ey might have gone insane over was the lack of eir twin's company. During eir time in EDS, Kim matured and the psychological effects of adolescent hormones faded.

Nowadays, Kim is still curious and somewhat short-tempered, even smart-assed. Ey does not have a problem being aggressive when needed, but usually ey tries to get things done the straightforward but polite way (usually even so that ey telepathically figures out what other people consider polite). Having seen all kinds of things during eir travels, Kim is quite undisturbed by any and all oddities, atrocities and surprises of course a part of it is because ey can always get out of the situation. Kim tends to be overly rational and values convenience, straightforwardness and clarity.

2.3. Abilities and skills

2.3.1. Telepathy

Kim is a strong telepath with a wide variety of telepathic skills and lots of experience. Eir telepathy is for the most part instinctive and cannot be turned on or off. Eir travels around EDS have also conditioned em to understand some of the most alien of minds, though there is always a limit.

2.3.2. Cybernetic arm

Composition: Few biological parts (mostly blood vessels and synthetic skin), some light non-magnetic metal and plastic. Energy sources: The arm takes its energy mainly from Kim's blood like any biological part. Normal everyday use and small tricks can be accomplished with this energy, but something more challenging requires some extra energy.

  1. Extra protection: the arm does not break or malfunction easily. Kim can also separately turn on or off several sensors on it.
  2. Stretch/disassemble: the parts of the arm can stretch and be disassembled up to a point in order to reach otherwise unreachable places.
  3. Telepathic channeling: the arm can function as a channel for centralizing telepathic energy. Technically it means that it can shoot untargeted telepathic stun bolts.

2.4. Background

When Kim was about 14, ey, Kovetri and their cousins Kydre and Kinian left on a vacation trip of sorts. During that trip, they ended up following a weird trail that led to a rift into EDS. They were all sucked in and splattered across EDS.

3. Game notes and such

3.1. Relationships

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