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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

quick reference: [pages by Ree] [pokitty.com] [MoonBurnt]

Ree writes (and don't laugh too hard at the awful pun which starts this paragraph, as it's mostly unintentional) -- anyway, she writes some roleplay characters listed on another page. She's sometimes literarily lethargic but often resumes hyperactivity thanks to Djew infusion.

When she's not writing, she sometimes codes (including several CSS styles especially for Twine). She has been called kjoot; [you be the judge].

She is:

ReeToes is, however, completely ebul and horrible to people who are not bishies or kitties. I'd call her a bishoujo but I suspect it would be taken well. *fume* --wf
Yer darn right it would. *preens* --Ree

Neverthless, she is one. Will she adopt me? Save me from the crazed mutt, the one I'm not bonded to. --sv

*hugs the magus* --Ree

Does that mean she is nice to kitties? But what about this?! --sl

Even I have my limits. --Ree
But he dribbles and purrs and loves youuuu. --mt
I think "ew" sums up my feelings regarding dribbles. Purrs and loves, however, are always welcome. --Ree

Mütt -- don't mind this, testing something. --Ree

It ought to work. I turned on the "foreign characters" plugin, though never got around to testing it out on my baby. --mt
It works for body text, including link text, but not for pagenames. --Ree

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