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Twine Wars

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This article describes the premise and plot of a storyboard. It may contain spoilers. If the storyboard is ongoing, this article may be subject to change.

The Twine Wars (a term mostly used by the writers; also known as Great War or Worlds War to the characters involved) are a huge crossworld story arc comprising lots of related stories. Pro was originally formed for this project and as of January 2009, after a few changes and reboots, it is underway.

There will also be spinoffs and solo stories based on or around the events.

The Wars are not yet plotted for the most part, although the writers have more or less a good idea what will happen to their major settings and characters. This could, however, all change if other ideas come up...

Writers involved

Vespers and Herm are two interested worldbuilders, while other writers such as Anke and Ree may be more interested in character-level events surrounding the war, and not big troop lists and battles per se.


The Wars begin after so-called 'worldgates' begin popping up across all the involved planets and worlds. These portals open up, allowing travel between planets, remain open and stable for variable lengths of time, then close - though they usually reopen after a while. The lengths of time can be from hours to years or anything in between.

Worlds involved in the worldgate events



Ideas and plans

For discussion!


The first story/chapter, Seeds of Trouble, is underway. Other stories in the War arc are likely to be started while this is in progress.


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