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What Weft Is Not

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But Wefty.. you ARE a kitty. You like high places, climbing, and jumping, you like to play with string, you're murderous and occasionally repentant but only ever AFTER the fact, as to be otherwise would be unprofessional.. and you sulk wondrously.

You're more cat-like than the entire history of cat-girls in anime and manga.. put together.
--Vespers' [debauched lies]


Things Weft has been incorrectly called:

These are lies and Weft is not any of these things as will be definitively proved by the following 100% VERIFIED PROOF.


Written evidence

Weft did not write or dictate this page. It was written by a completely impartial, unbiased judge who is not Weft.

Visual exhibits

Will you people please stop adding more insulting pictures? One was enough and I'm beginning to doubt these are meant as "informative examples".

Japanese fandom-specific note

Weft is also not bishy.

"Bishy", short for "bishounen", is a term used mainly by Japanese animation/comic book fans and, in this context, generally means a pretty boy with long hair (although Weft's hair is short). Weft gets upset when called bishy. (He points out that he appears to be in his mid-to-late 30s, whereas most bishounen characters are either girlish teenagers or immortals who happen to look like girlish teenagers.)

The kitty doth protest too much, methinks -- Anonymous contributor

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