Angel (Herm)

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Muttly angels are counterparts to demons.

They have shapeshifting capabilities, but tend not to use them. They tend to keep aloof. When they do appear outside Home, they seem arrogant and judgmental.

Angels are all tall, varying from the higher end of human scale up to 'never enough legroom, even in first class'.

They are always humanoid and have feathered wings, up to seven-eighths of their height fully extended, attached around the shoulderblades. Angels are not brightly coloured; skin tone can be anywhere from pale Caucasian to dark Africannish, but there is no (for example) bright red hair or bright blue eyes. Hair is always blond, anything between yellow and bright white. Wings are white or grey and generally not patterned, though may have one or two stripes like a generic town-centre pigeon.

Being around human density, they are generally unable to fly, but they can teleport.

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