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Bluebell is a fairy, one of those little ones that live inside flowers and fly around being cute. Of course, as with everything Vespers makes that's cute, he just couldn't leave well enough alone.


Bluebell was your average cheerful fairy-folk until his unfortunate run-in with a vampire bat who mistook him for a bird. He survived, but left behind his sanity, and arguably his life; he became a vampire himself. Vespers hasn't got a clue how that worked.


Bluebell is a high-placed minion and confidant of an entity who names himself Mort. This entity believes himself to be the anthropomorphic personification of Death itself. Needless to say, most of those who know of him consider him deluded, and dangerously so, as no matter the truth of his claim, he is in fact highly powerful and charismatic.

Bluebell, however, believes his master's claims completely and will not listen to any claims against it. This is perhaps because Bluebell himself is wildly insane. He's a megalomaniac, highly paranoid and schizophrenic, and has little to no restraint in acting on his hallucinations, leading him to attack thin air, chase rabbits through the forest swearing they're gonna eat him, become easily convinced that everyone's out to get him, and other such things at the drop of a hat.


Bluebell is tall for a fairy; almost four inches. Like all of his kind, he can shift at will between tiny and human-sized; an ability he didn't lose upon death. When human-sized, he's just over six foot tall. Already tending towards the darkly handsome, skinny and pale, it can in fact be hard to tell sometimes that he's not just a normal fairy, with a perhaps very unusual dislike of the sun. The most obvious sign for those that look is that over the years of undeath, his once large and glorious wings have folded, shredded and broken into twisted remnants of their former glory. He has lost the ability to fly with them, but his vampiric shape-shifting powers have made up for it, mostly.

(Note: the vampires of Bluebell's world are very classic vampire. Assume Dracula-ish-ness, weakness to staking, sunlight and running water, unless I change my mind. He doesn't have to sleep during the daytime, and sunlight only affects him if it actually touches his skin, and even then isn't instant, but fast. He has some semi-magical powers, at will. Mine, not his.)

In fairy-size he can shape-shift into a variety of small bird and insect shapes. In human-size he uses the old standbys; wolves and swarms of bats.

Generally, when on duty for his master (almost always; Death never sleeps, and neither do the dead) he dresses in black leather under multiple layers of black rags, giving him redundant coverage against the rays of the sun. His head is covered by a close-fitting black hood, and he wears featureless masks of metal or porcelain that hide his entire face. His basic mask is simple white, but he carries several at his belt and changes them depending on mood. He carries a war-scythe or paired hand-scythes.

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