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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Vespers is an introverted weirdo who likes to write stories that don't make much sense and draw pictures that make even less.

He likes Dragons far too much for his own good. And kitties. Cos the multiverse needs someone to counterbalance Mutt's irrational love of our smelly canine 'friends.'

Generally he reads and writes epic high fantasy, the sort where armies are just as important as the mages and bad stuff happens to good people. Bad stuff happens to bad people too, though, don't worry. Coming close second is warfare sci-fi of the sort Baen publishes in masses.

He likes destruction far more than could possibly be healthy. From great big bars of nominally-sharpened metal to plasma cannons and bomb-pumped nukes, he's read about them, in some cases played with em, and given serious thought to how to use them himself. On scenery, not people. Of course. He keeps telling himself that.

Oh, and he loves Malory's Arthur. All others are non-canon, made worthless by the awesome of said tale.

He likes music. Mostly melodic metal, Gothic and Industrial music from post-punk to the latest noise, all-inclusive, and europop/dance of the multi-hour mix track variety.

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