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Laurus Sunwards is a rogue character cunningly imagined by Vespers for the bounty hunter short co-written by Mutt and Anke


Laurus is a tall, slender, and beautiful example of a human male, with long delicate, dexterous fingers. His skin is pale and always clean-shaven, his shoulder-length hair palest golden yellow and generally worn loose to fall as it pleases, his eyes pale misty grey, his eyelashes long and perfect.

He has a quick smile of the sort that makes maidens sigh and gentlemen clasp his shoulder and declare themselves best of friends. In other circumstances it is known to stun assembled people with its misplaced charm.

His dress when not on business is highly reminiscent of your typical high-born dandy; bright colors and the latest fashions are the order of the day. Lately it has been tall floppy boots, baggy pants, and pale puffy-sleeved shirts.

His dress when on business consists of soft boots (knives in both, obviously in one and hidden in the other), tight (but carefully cut to be non-restrictive) trousers, a shirt tightly cut around the torso and baggy around the arms, with quick-fastening cuffs, and thin supple gloves. Over this is a belted longvest and all-enveloping high-collared cloak, both (and the belt) festooned inside and out with visible and hidden pockets and pouches, and dangling with amulets, scrolls and tokens, as well as dagger and, depending on the job, sword. Topping it off is a wide-brimmed hat, a la Vampire Hunter D, and occasionally a scarf over his nose and mouth, a la train robbers. All in shades of charcoal and grey.


Decent to skilled with a sword and dagger, especially rapier, main gauche and throwing dagger. Can climb, jump and tumble with absolute surety, in light or dark, and use a rope or rope-and-grapple. Highly skilled at lockpicking, pocket-picking and trapfinding, and most other roguely skills. Has a brilliant knack with wizardly toys and helpful items, and uses them to pull off impossible crimes at will. His charisma has given him a network of fences and other contacts scattered over huge areas, including many mages and wizards, some of whom are very powerful and well-known.


Laurus spends most of his time wandering from city to town to city across the lands, doing as he pleases, which usually involves finding the most priceless, special, historic items and other such things in a given area, removing them, and finding a price. When he's in the mood, it also involves doing similarly to the richest, most important people in the area and their villas, and to places like banks and treasuries as well. This, and the fact that he's so good at it, gives him the funds to live like a prince even after spending much on magical trinkets and tools. So he does.

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