Steamy Wonderland

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Steamy Wonderland (okay, give me time to figure out a real name) is Vespers' primary contribution to the Twine Wars arc. And as such expect this Twine to get much larger (or split into baby articles) soon-ish, I just thought I should get something up to give this arc a kick in the ass and show people what I've got.


The Iron Flag is a major, expansionist power.


Technology is on about a level with the American Civil War, with a bit more in the way of airships (Quite a lot more, actually; they were up to using hot air balloons in said war, wheras here they're up to using Hydrogen and those good old cigar-shaped balloons.)

The railways are starting to take over from the roads as the primary method of swift mass transportation. Wars are being fought by the new(ish) technology of gunpowder and the old skills of formation battle. This leads to some serious bloodbaths, as I'm sure you can imagine.


Magic also has a place. There are two major directions of thought on magic here; they focus on manipulating it through Formulaic practice and Artistic practice, respectively. There are many schools and groups dedicated to each direction and some get along while others don't. Notably, all methods seriously used to manipulate magic here do work, even those which directly oppose each other to the point of being obviously an either-or proposition. Also, those made up on the spot, if seriously believed in. The force of Magic, whatever it may be, is hilariously forgiving. Needless to say, this confuses people no end.

Magic hasn't replaced science to the extent that it has in many other worlds because no matter how powerful it is in the correct circumstances (very), and in the short term, it's been ascertained that in the long run, pure sustained manpower and the little things that science can add to such add up to more power, eventually.


Religion is another confusing topic in the Steamy Wonderland. The true structure of the gods and demi-gods is as such:

One True God/Creator (assumed)/Big Guy Who All Other Gods Bloody Well Answer To Or Else (proved)

A Whole Bunch Of Demigods/Ascendants?/Etc
Mortals. Hah Hah.

The second rank gods are formed about half and half from 'always been there' (maybe) godlets, and Ascendants?, which really need a Twine of thier own, so you're just gonna have to wait for me to get around to that.

Major Characters

The two most important characters to this world and the storyline are

both of which require, among other things, full Twine writeups.

Other characters

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