Helmuth Armbruster

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Corporal Helmuth Armbruster, Fourth Engineer Corps, is Vespers' main viewpoint character for the Tree Sappers storyline.


Helmuth is a prime example of Engineer pride; tall and deep-chested, with the bulky arms of a blacksmith. He keeps his scalp and face shaved bald, and most of his body hair is missing as well, scorched off by his work. Wears the heavy grey canvas pants of the Engineers, but usually goes bare-chested or wears a simple leather apron.


Went through basic infantry training in the Iron Flag's armies before being signed up to be an engineer; can use musket and shortsword with proficiency, if not much more. Prefers his hammer in close combat. A blacksmith, weaponsmith, armorsmith and basic leatherworker. Specializes in artillery.


Helmuth was born in a small town in the mountains, around a day's travel from the capital. He apprenticed to his uncle in blacksmithing around the age of nine. A year or so after his uncle decided he was good enough to be trusted on some solo work, he saw the First Engineer Corps' anniversary artillery display in the capital while picking up an order of iron. His uncle found the iron delivered several days later, along with a note for him and Helmuth's parents. Helmuth was already on his way to the army training camps.

At the time Tree Sappers starts, Helmuth is around 35 and has been in the Corps for nearly fifteen years.

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