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Caedis is Fel's only character scheduled to appear on the Profusion boards (aside from Cyrand). He is of average height and build, with dark hair and eyes and a pale complexion.


Caucasian male of average build, aged roughly in his early twenties. His eyes are a dark brown and his hair a darker brown (almost black), which is kept long, with a fringe that hangs loosely over his eyes. His other facial features can only be described as average, although plainly youthful, and are forgotten almost immediatly. His only other other discriminating feature is his smile, a flash of white teeth with predominant canines, that has often been described as "wolfish". His garb usually consists of a long, black cloak with intricate silver trimmings that seem to flow and shift as though they are alive. Under the cloak, he wears a loose collared shirt, trousers and boots, all black and lined with silver to match his cloak. He also often dons a matching tricorne (three-pointed hat). He also keeps his left hand covered at all times, either beneath his cloak or in a loose, black gauntlet.


Many people, when confronted with this young and dark figure, are often surpised at the carefree and happy-go-lucky nature he is renowned for. Mischievious and wily, his grin best sums up his character. Friendly and easy-going, he is often very keen to make conversation, and when indulged is known to talk for hours without saying much.


Despite his disarming personality, his past is dark and violent. In his own world, Xerxes, he is leading a rebellion of magi and magical entities against an oppressive government that seeks to destroy magic in all forms to pave the way for a new era of technology. As such, Caedis is a skilled fighter and mage. He is also unique, being the only recorded mage in history born into the school of Ylionacy (see [Xerxes' Magic]?). As an Yliomancer, he can control matter and energy at an atomic level. As such, he is able to break an object down into its elements and reform it as a new object (for example, breaking down a bar of iron and reforming it as a sword, as long as the sword only consists of iron). Little else is known, as Caedis is always keen to avoid talk of his past and his abilities.

Other Points of Interest

Caedis is always followed closely by Cyrand, a youth of sixteen or seventeen years of age. Somewhat shorter than Caedis, she hides in his shadow, never saying so much as a word. Her auburn hair is worn loose at the front, hiding her emerald green eyes behind a long fringe, and is tied in a short braid at the back. She wears a large, brown leather jacket with silver clasps, plain canvas trousers and boots of tanned hide. She too often wears a tricorne, plain brown unlike Caedis'. Although often mistaken for a boy, upon close examination she is actually rather attractive (bordering on gorgeous), despite her shy and introverted nature. Her role as Caedis' accomplice is unknown.

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