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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Faolan (Fway-lawn), also known as Fel.


1. A strange individual (often male) who frequents the web to escape the god-awful monotony that are shirts and ties.

2. "Wolf" in Gaelic.

3. "Wolf" can also mean (interestingly enough), "a man who makes amorous advances to many women". And that's straight out of the dictionary.

The newest member to join Profusion (and maybe even the youngest), Faolan is Australian (with an accent to prove it) and as such cannot pronounce his full Irish name. He has been known to have several nicknames, the most commonplace being "Fel". He has also been called The Felhound on at least one occasion (long story, and not one he's particularly proud of).

Not being incredibly imaginative (combined with his short attention span), he has not committed much of his stories to paper. One attempt to write one down can be viewed [here].

Current Experimentations:

Doran Wright ("The Wanderer", a novel in progress)



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