Dr. John Grey

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Dr. John Edward Grey is an English teacher at a moderately respected metropolitan university and a time-travelling magician. He is written by Zenicurean. His hobbies include wry humour, creative archaeology, selective anachronism, and getting consistently mixed in a variety of perilous and confusing adventures which he would rather like to avoid, thank you very much. He has a thing for unearthing "secrets man was not meant to know", but always maintains high professional standards and a low-key approach to protect the innocent.

Grey is a conservative sort of person and would like to consider himself a natural cynic. Nonetheless, he is typically incapable of suppressing his sense of duty and empathy for his fellow man, woman, or random supernatural creature when the push comes to shove. He is a prolific publisher of obscure books, dislikes rating essays (indeed, teaching in general) and owns a trenchcoat like no other. He has a long-standing professional rivalry with the legendary Count of Saint-Germain.

Older versions of Grey carried around a cavalry scimitar and a pair of flint-lock pistols for no apparent reason.

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