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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Zenicurean (alternatively known as 'Nox or Zenbie, or, to some, Zenbunny) is a common house goth, a nocturnal variety of the species geekus pretentious. He resides in a cave located somewhere far north of the reader's current position, whatever that might be.

His time is spent entertaining delusions of grandeur and wasting time on a variety of cartoonish plots to take over humanity. Occasionally he meditates on life, the universe, and everything. Close to his shriveled black heart are coffee, books, taking long naps, and absolute iron-fisted world domination. Contrary to rumour, the Zenicurean is a rather people-friendly creature. He is owned and sporadically fed by a cute but fearsome Connie. Sometimes, when the moon is full, he turns into a werehuman.


The Zenicurean's slaves and servitors include God, Satan, Dr. John Grey, Imp, Caliban Wolf and Chlö'Rö'F˙l the Half-Elven. This makes him a happy camper and lends his stories what one might call considrable metaphysical leeway.

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