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Dragannerie, rarely/archaically draganry, is a concept found across mid and southern Terrimoire on Shade. It is a code of ethics for teachers, sages and knowledge-seekers, somewhat similar to codes of chivalry but aimed at a different section of society.

It contains aspects reminiscent of the scientific method, such as the honour-bound duty to abandon your doctrine if it is proven false and to thank whoever proved it so.

One aspect of dragannerie is a lengthy set of rules governing teacher-student relationships and what methods of knowledge-giving may or may not be used (for example, when lying to a student is permitted). Anyone in a teaching role - such as healers or craftspeople with apprentices - will be more or less influenced by these ideas, though not subscribing to any kind of formal written code.

Dragannerie, like chivalry with horses, is etymologically derived from an animal. See dragons in Timoirine popular culture.

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