Shaded Scholars

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The struggle of People against Natures can be encapsulated in People's insistence on imposing [small squares] where the Natures favour [large curves]. If Fairys could think, they would be thinking they never saw a collection of species with such a predilection for corners.
--Aicath Pakhis, Meizur historian

Shade's scholarly community represents an insulated and highly eccentric collection of scientists, magicians, historians, archivists, linguists and the like.

Communicating by way of grumpy, sarcastic or spiteful letters in Shade's various academic journals, the community has developed traditions, terminology, conventions and virtually an entire culture of its own.

Scholars often write under pseudonyms as a way of getting round social (or legal) restrictions on discussing particular topics.

An incomplete list of scholars from Shade (named either in canon stories or in background material):

Eccentric bookish types typically hold dragannerie in high regard.

See also: Book, Shaded academic system

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