Shaded Academic System

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Shade's academic system obviously depends on the area and era.

Worlds War era

Srollen kids in Montuone and nearby regions are taught in an organised way, in groups (fairly often segregated by sex, not segregated by social class).

Faleigh settlements in most bits of Terrimoire seldom have an organised school. Apprenticeship is common. Literacy is by no means guaranteed. Rich families employ private tutors.

Roccoa children in their native region work with the adults as soon as they're strong enough. They don't have a formalised concept of childhood in most senses.

Voksin children go to organised schools for a full day about half of the week. Where voks cohabit with trolls their school system is sometimes combined.

Feraisai children are always educated at home by both parents.

'Future-Shade' era

(In Flux. Not Canon. Refers to the setting for a putative futuristic storyboard - hundreds of years after the War ended)

In most areas, all young children are socialised in playgroups where they get a sort of pre-education through various games and stories. Children from tots through adolescence are encouraged to attend a variety of schools and colleges. Teachers teach and advise but don't organise; kids are largely responsible for their own decisions. Compared to kids in the UK they are very 'free', though have a lot more responsibility. Changing courses and colleges is common, there is no upper age limit for education, so if a kid makes a short-sighted decision (or drops out) it's not disastrous.

Many scattered isolationist or semi-isolationist communities, some of them single-race or restricted-race, exist and make their own arrangements for education.

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