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Voks, known informally as yaps or gobbos, are bipedal humanoids and one of Shade's five major races.

They are shorter than srolli, at a species average of 1.2m or 4ft, making them the smallest of the races.


Voks are lightly built, and have fairly coarse hair similar to srolli's. Their eyes are small and bright. Their ears are pointed and do not have lobes. (For the degree of pointedness, think Leonard Nimoy Spock for men, Zachary Quinto Spock for women.)

Voks skin is slightly brownish-green (varying with area of origin, as with ferais, srolli and faleighs). Hair ranges from blonde to very dark brown. Eyes can be anything from yellow-brown to brown, green to brown or grey.


Become fertile from around 12, age of consent differs between nations (in Soprone and its territories, it's 14).

Thanks to their small size, voks get drunk very easily; they lack the natural alcohol tolerance of rocca. This can result in hyperactivity and belligerence, overcoming at least some of their stereotypical faintheartedness.

Though often highly energetic, leg length and lung capacity mean they cannot often outsprint or outswim other races. They don't get enough leverage to do much damage in a fight, but instead rely on allies and inventiveness.

Lung infections tend to be very serious in voks. Conversely, broken bones aren't such a problem: they heal relatively quickly. Voks have a relatively high incidence of gigantism disorders, second only to faleighs. 'Giant' voks are not just particularly tall green-blooded people: they often suffer from a range of skeletal and circulatory problems.

Culture, politics and business

Voks are, by some margin, the most numerous sapient species on Shade.

Voks are known as the cowardly race, seldom prepared to face any difficulty alone. For this reason they typically prefer to be in the company of several others (of any species), in which setting they are confident and adaptable team players. Voks are social, skilled at languages and good negotiators, though not formidable physically. (Note that these are generalisations and not true in all cases.)

The typical voks home life is very family-oriented. They recline on couches to eat and mealtimes play an important part in maintaining bonds, whether with family or friends. Grub time in a voks household is as much about chattering as about refuelling.

Not to say that other races' social and political systems aren't complicated, but voks's are even more so. They're the same as faleighs in terms of liking prestige and hating to be embarrassed. They're also quite capable of backstabbing and keeping up with insanely convoluted schemes. Business deals and negotiations are usually conducted during a meal, or at least with food made available.

Species idiosyncrasies

Magical ability is relatively common in voks (at roughly the same level as ferais, and higher than the other races), and they have a high incidence of telepathy (second only to faleighs, though telepathy remains very rare in all five races).


Voks characters

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