Paraskive Taxidies

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Paraskive Taxidies is a voksin colony manager from Soprone whose job is about to get more interesting than she would like.

It's "porra-skeevuh taks-ee-dee-ess". She's used to it being mangled to "taxydees".

She's a Twine Wars viewpoint character from Shade written by Mutt.


Voksin female of middle age with tanned olive skin. Grey eyes, very light (and greying) blonde hair.


Paraskive works at Quetchia as a colony manager. It's mostly a desk job. Or it was.


Taxidies has "lifelong punctuality born of boarding school and fostered by foreign office" [1] (the post linked describes her normal daily routine). She has a head for paperwork and has managed to live to 30, well into middle age, without seeing anyone die violently.

Alic Sanna claims Paraskive has determination, a quick, sharp wit, and [other claims censored for modesty].

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