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Soprone is a powerful country and one of the two major sea powers in Shade's northern hemisphere.

Political situation

Soprone holds a very strong position politically and geographically and enjoys near-total, benign control of its neighbouring ally Montuone. Although controlling several wealthy colonies, notably Quetchia, it has reached the limits of its expansion in an occasionally uneasy equilibrium with Induba. Quetchia is still a source of contention between these two.

Soprone's other major rival on the Shaded world stage has been the fragmented, but still notable, former Pais Meizurs.


Soprone is mostly voksin, with fully-integrated minorities of all Shade's other sapient species except for rocca. Soprone's second-largest species representation by some margin is srolli, owing to an open border policy with Montuone.


Most of Soprone's technological advancements originate from Montuone, which is one of the reasons they protect their mountain-fringed neighbours so closely. They have excellent ships and a good manufacturing base that can quickly be turned to military purposes.


Apparently they have a larger-than-normal range of punctuation marks, which have also come into use in Montuone language. (Suitov informed his own author of this in a non-canon setting, so view that with the bucketful of salt it deserves.)

typical Soprone interjection, variously insulting or familiar/friendly.


Soprone is the cradle of civilisation, as they like to remind everyone. Political systems, running water and many medical and surgical advances have originated here. Their diplomatic resources are unmatched and they have treaties with most other notable powers on Shade, which generally work to their advantage.

They take liberal attitudes to sexuality, undoubtedly related to their near-monopoly of the world's silphium supply. The age of consent and marriage is 14 (typical voks become fertile at about 12). Family life is important and consists of blood relatives, extended family and friends, not just sexual partners and their children or child-substitutes.

Historically, Soprone has taken a very disdainful attitude to magic, which shows clearly in their medicine and educational systems.

It's normal for a superior to refer to their juniors by an abbreviation of their name (i.e. Pete instead of Peter, Vlasil instead of Vlasillis).


...current Soprone fashion dictates long, styled hair for men and shorter hair for women.
Imagine a 1.2m tall olive-skinned guy with mosh pit hair, curled at the ends, in a pressed linen suit with shiny sash... yeah.
--Herm, over IRC

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