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Montuone is a country on Terrimoire continent in Shade's northern hemisphere. It is a protectorate of Soprone and enjoys excellent relations with them.

Montuone's population contains a high proportion of srolli, bucking the general tendency of the area to be voks-majority.


Mountainous, lots of natural water power, single stretch of coast. No colonies. Most fertile land is in the centre. Steep terrain along most borders; few negotiable trade routes.

Economy, exports

High concentration of factories, foundries and workshops. Cradle of technical excellence and invention. Exports mostly manufactured goods and components, processed metals, also wool, kid, honey, milk. Most natively-produced crops grown under glass or otherwise sheltered.


Not expansionist; not significant naval power; outsources a lot of its political and trade negotiation to Soprone representatives; dependent on imports for iron, steel, fuels, chemicals, some foods and textiles.

Parliament is composed of elected representatives of the country's several 'clans', which are composed of loosely related families and freely mix with each other through intermarriage. Clans just exist, and are not divided by expertise or specialisation.

The dabsoofs kept in National Hall, highly honoured ceremonial political (non-sapient) animals, have first refusal of anyone who arrives to negotiate. If they don't like a visitor, that visitor is firmly asked to leave.

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