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Srolli (singular "sroll"), Shade's 'trolls', are bipedal humanoids and one of Shade's five major races.

They are shorter than ferais, and taller than voks.


Srolli are stocky, tending to pot-bellies at middle age, and have fairly coarse hair similar to goblins'. Their eyes are mid-sized and expressive. Their ears are small and round.

Trollen skin is slightly greyish-green (varying with area of origin, as with elves, goblins and faleighs). Hair ranges from blond to very dark brown. Eyes can be anything from yellow-brown to brown, green to brown or grey.

Srolli, along with rocca, have their organs reversed by comparison to the other three sape races ([situs inversus totalis] in effect; rarely someone is born with 'reversed' organs, heart on the left).

Species and cultural idiosyncrasies

If you come across a skilled craftsman, chances are he or she is a sroll. Many are unskilled at commerce and negotiation, many just care much more for process and product than payment: either way, srolli are often shortchanged. Voks are common in sroll areas and often hire themselves on in negotiation or advocacy roles.

Srolli are typically skilled at scientific subjects, with a slight statistical sex bias: males towards mathematics, females towards physical sciences.

Some srolli are nervous of other races except voks and like to keep themselves relatively isolated (in modern Shade, moving home is quite common, so srolli are able to move towards or away from the quieter areas as they like).

Srolli typically have very sensitive noses when it comes to chemicals and metals. Their sense of smell as applied to people, food or plant matter is only average.

Srolli are the least likely of the five races to have magical ability. Nevertheless, it is very possible to find a srollen magician. Telepathy is not common, with the incidence only a little higher than in ferais.

Srolli tend toward dense bones and can weigh as much as a taller ferais. They also put on weight, or muscle, relatively easily. Their lungs are relatively small and they can tend to low-level chronic hyperventilation.


Srollen characters

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