Shaded Colour Symbolism

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See Chromatic theory for trendy astrology as opposed to the symbolic use of colour.

Colours on Shade sometimes mean different things to what one would expect.

Notably, the five sapient species all have differently-coloured blood, meaning that red is not universally associated with blood.

Gold, brown

Feraisai blood is gold (not shiny, just a rich, light yellowish brown).

Because of this, in the northern hemisphere, gold (and brown; voks blood isn't too different in colour from feraisai) is a colour of death, danger and other gothic things.

In the south, gold is more likely to be associated with the precious metal.

Silver, grey

Silver is money, except to civilisations who barter or don't have much.

Silver and grey are associated with old age, too.


Srollen blood is green, but so are plants. Generally, green is a colour of life.


To rocca of Dor Roc, blue is a warrior colour, again because of blood associations.


Red is a colour of blood, danger and violence in Induban regions.

In the northern hemisphere, where red dyes are historically hard to come by, it's more likely to be seen as lucky, luxurious or generally positive.

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