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Faleighs(pronounced "fallies"), Shade's 'humans', are bipedal humanoids and one of Shade's five major races.

They are taller than ferais and shorter than rocca. Their blood is red and their skin tone depends on both this and climate.

They are very similar to various alien species called humans, but completely genetically incompatible.


They have fine hair. Their ears are rounded, not pointed, and usually have separate lobes. They're pretty much like offworld humans in most physical respects, but don't assume that their biology, disease susceptibility and so on will be the same.

Faleigh skin is pinkish ranging to rich brown (varying with area of origin, as with ferais, srolli and voks). Hair ranges from blond to dark brown or from russet to brown. Eyes can be anything from orange to brown, green to brown, blue or grey.

Species idiosyncrasies

Faleighs are known for being the most sexually promiscuous of the five races and (like ferais) intuitive and artistic. In mixed-species areas they tend to be stereotyped as dumb muscle, especially in places where rocca aren't known well enough to inherit this stereotype, or "daddy's girls"/"mummy's boys", faleigh children being slower to mature than anyone else except srolli. (Note that though this is the common perception, it is a generalisation and is not true in all cases.)

Faleighs put on muscle very easily and tend to have comparatively large lung capacity. Unlike ferais, they don't have an exaggerated tendency towards lung infections. Faleighs have a large height range and disorders connected with excessive height, or shortness, are relatively common (dwarfism, for example, has the highest incidence among faleighs, and they are prone to gigantism at an even higher rate than voks - though both these conditions are nevertheless very uncommon, and come with attendant health problems).

Magical ability is reasonably common in faleighs, and they are the most likely of the five races to have telepathy (though this is still very rare).


Faleigh characters

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