Pais Meizurs

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Pais Meizurs is an empire, or former empire, in northern Shade. At the beginning of the Twine Wars, it is recently fragmented, having imploded politically.


The empire encompasses many countries. The species makeup varies considerably from side to side, but generally includes voks, ferais and faleigh. The Meizur ruling dynasties are all feraisai, but that species is nowhere, or hardly anywhere, in the majority throughout the empire.



It goes like this. Rise, glory, peace, gentle decline, ker-boom.


Slavery featured significantly in the Pais Meizurs' history, as it did across most of Shade, in this case particularly in the armed forces and in shipping (military and non). Current fashion worldwide is for slavery to be phased out and outlawed, but the lingering effects can be seen in the former PM territories where many people bear the surnames Freeman, Freedman and similar.

For one such, see Robett Freedman.


A mountain range stands between the Meizurs and Soprone, its closest neighbouring power. The Pais Meizurs never enjoyed total control of the vaguely Germanic peoples at the mountainwards end of its reach, and consequently with the Pais Meizurs' decline, those areas (which include Woking but few coastal regions) are near-independent, albeit fairly weak individually and not united.


The empire's former reach and teritories are shown on this map.

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