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Quetchia is a colony belonging to Soprone, located in a region of Shade that's somewhere between mediplanetary and equatorial in climate.

It is an island a short distance off the north coast of Induba, accessed from Soprone by sea. It's physically much closer to Induba than to Soprone. It is a source of political contention.


Quetchia is the jewel among Soprone's modest number of prosperous and stable colonies. It is in large part responsible for (maintaining) Soprone's status as a major world power, because of its climate. This is where silphium, one of Soprone's chief cash crops and notorious for its pickiness as to climate, is grown.


Like Soprone's other colonies, Quetchia is managed by a team of officials who are stationed locally but appointed back in Soprone. One such is Paraskive Taxidies.


Lots of planatations squeezed into a relatively narrow geographical belt, with small towns for the workers (who are paid employees) and well-maintained roads.


Soprone colony workers and management, along with workers from the mainland. By species these are voks and srolli, something between 4:1 or 5:1. The people there may be lone/single adults, who tend to live with others like themselves, or may live with their families.


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